Meri Baithak

Meri Baithak is a Non Profitable and Non Governmental Organization, the organization works on self actualization of every individual and how we can create a spark in any person to encounter his mistakes and to initiate a change.

اپنے کردار کو بنانے میں اس طرح مشغول ؎

ہوجاو کہ تمہیں دوسروں پر تنقید کرنے کا موقع نہ ملے

Our Vision

"We strive to create a society where every individual is engaged in self-progression"

Our Mission

Our Values

Our Achievements

Several esteemed guests have graced our baithak, generously sharing their life journeys and invaluable insights. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of them for affording us the privilege to enhance our knowledge and grow through their wisdom 

Yousuf Bashir Qureshi

Sheikh Atif Ahmed

Junaid Akram

Ranjeet Kumar

AUJ the Band

Owais Rabbani

Sir Taqi Shah

Dr. Asim

Our Mentors

Sheikh Mehtab Uddin

Sheikh Mehtab Uddin, the father of our Founder Sheikh Hassan Mehtab, has been our steadfast guiding light and mentor from the very inception. It would be entirely accurate to assert that he has served as our sole source of motivation during our most challenging times. His unwavering guidance has steered us along a unique and unparalleled path, one that no other could have charted.