"Learn and Improve", a podcast brought to you by Meri Baithak, is like a striking bolt of lightning, illuminating our path as we embark on a fresh journey of Baithaks. In this unique approach, we will delve into the diverse experiences of individuals from various walks of life, each with their own unique personalities and cultural backgrounds. It's an exploration like no other, promising a fresh and distinctive perspective on learning and growth.

Sheikh Hassan Mehtab will engage in meaningful conversations with influential figures who have significantly impacted the lives of today's youth. These individuals will share their life experiences from specific periods, offering a unique and valuable insight. These discussions are not just enlightening; they are instrumental in guiding us towards a different path of success. The wisdom imparted through these conversations is a wellspring of guidance, empowering us to craft our own distinctive and successful life journeys.

"Learn and Improve" sets itself apart. We dig deep into life lessons, keeping it real and unique. Our discussions are unlike typical interviews, offering a refreshing and honest perspective you won't find elsewhere.